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Papercut Magpie Framed Artwork


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Papercut Magpie Framed Artwork

An intricate Papercut Magpie design, laser cut into paper then framed in a box frame to produce a dramatic shadow.

This bird design was created from several photographs, composited together to create a wonderfully powerful monochrome picture.

The inspiration for creating these unique laser cut pictures was to capture the shadow on the back of the box frame. With such great depth in the box frame a dramatic shadow is cast and creates a 3D effect. As the pictures capture different lights during the day and evening the shadows will subtly change.

The scene is lasercut in to a single piece of paper. This piece is then mounted into a box frame ensuring the scene stays flat and true. The piece is mounted onto the front of the frame levatating the piece away from the back of the frame enabeling the shadow to be cast.

All scenes come fully framed in a black box frame which can be wall hung or left freestanding.

Frame Size: 28.5cm x 28.5cm, black box frame

Frame has been made from recycled polystyrene and has a glass front.

Made in Macclesfield



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Let Me Know When It's Back