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Money for Nothing Terrarium


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Money for Nothing Terrarium

As seen on BBC's Money for Nothing!

This terrarium was created by Money for Nothing's presenter and artisan Sarah Moore. Would you believe, it has been upcycled from a used glass coffee jar!

Sarah handmade a variety of different terrariums using vintage toys, gravel and foliage she foraged from her garden.

We purchased four terrariums as part of the program but this is the only one we haven't found a new home for!

If you aren't familiar with the show, the aim is to transform items destine for landfill to saleable pieces. The finished items are then sold to independent shops all over the UK. If you'd like to read more about us filming for the program, click here to read a blog post all about it.

Each terrarium is totally unique, it's no wonder one was sold on the first day they arrived in the shop!

Size: 18 x 9cm (Approximately)

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