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Claire Evers

A jewellery maker who handcrafts unique pieces from earthenware clay, cut or sculpted and refined to perfection. She uses traditional kiln firing which brings the jewellery to life with stunning colours.

Emily Cadle

Handmakes resin jewellery from her home studio in Leicestershire. Each piece she creates combines various forms, textures and colours to create something truly unique.

Lucy Vernon

Lucy at The Tipsy Candle Co carefully hand pours Cocktail inspired candles. Crafted exclusively with 100% natural, vegan friendly soy wax.

Kate Stewart

Kate is obsessed with factories – she grew up in them, as her Dad was an engineer. She loves their smell and sounds they make. She takes her materials and inspiration for her jewellery from them.

Katherine & Skip

When Libra Fine Arts was born, the deal was that Skip would draw the art and Katherine would do everything else. Working with charcoal and graphite lets Skip explore a spectrum of light and shadow, where the rawness of the materials brings out a depth and dynamism in every stroke, turning even the simplest sketch […]

Julie, Jennifer & Lauren Holmes

They’ve been creating natural, handmade beauty and skincare products for over 15 years. They source the best quality ingredients to produce beautiful, unique soaps, bath bombs, candles and more.

Heather Brown

Heather Brown leaning on a doorway wearing her By Heather May apron

A Mother and Daughter team, bursting with passion for their small family business. Their hand crafted and eco-conscious range of home fragrance is the perfect recipe of high quality ingredients, beautiful designs and attention to detail. Tested to perfection for your enjoyment and peace of mind.

Cassandra Cooper

A maker based in Derbyshire creating colourful items with textiles using processes in crocheting, cord knotting and knitting. Cassandra uses inspiration from nature, geometric shapes and vintage patterns to create each finished product.    

Rebecca Handy

A jewellery designer and maker who creates her pieces with time, care and attention in her private studio just a stones throw away from nearby fields and woodland.    


Lisa is a designer, illustrator and founder of Pink Pen Studio creating a range of stationary and greeting cards that captures the local flora and fauna, reflecting a love of the Hertfordshire countryside.   

Jo Nelson

A designer based in Derby creating personalised bags for a whole variety of occasions from gifting and parties and bottles to the much loved everyday tote bag.    

Faith Der Haroutunian

A part-time silversmith who started out with wire wrapped jewellery and then moved onto bigger and better pieces. Faith now produces jewellery using Eco silver and aims to reduce wastage as much as possible by using scraps.

Jordan Ambler

Jordan Ambler creates hand stitched gifts and items for the home that aim to inject some joy and colour into the everyday.    

Sarah Holmes

Owner of a beautiful boutique business creating personalised stationary printed in gold using a hot foiling machine.      

Rachel McNamee

Maker of hand poured luxury soy wax candles, wax melts and aroma tablets based in Birmingham who finds candle making to be a therapeutic process.    

Amy Richards

An artist and illustrator who embraces the fluid nature of watercolour to design prints, pet portraits and stationary items.  

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