Time Out Lemon & Sandalwood Bath Fizz Dust


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Time Out Lemon & Sandalwood Bath Fizz Dust

With soothing Essential Oils of Lemon and Sandalwood, this is a perfect little treat to enable you to soak your troubles away in the tub. The combination of these Essential Oils can be beneficial for aiding sleep and quietening the mind, to help calm and relax.

Bath Fizz is simply a deconstructed bath bomb, it is a bath bomb which hasn't been shaped. It works in exactly the same way as a formed bath bomb, but it means it can easily and safely be posted without damage 🙂

To use Bath Fizz simply run a hot bath and pour in the entire packet when you are ready to get in. Soak away your troubles and cares (for the duration of your bath at least) and relax and unwind with our feel good fizz. Packet contains full instructions on each product and how to use it.