Thinking of You Gift Set


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Thinking of You Gift Set

This Thinking of You Gift Set is full of moisturising, natural, pampering treats!

A lovely little Aromatherapy package for anyone who deserves a little pampering - to say thank you, happy birthday, thinking of you, or just because!

Thinking of You is full of pampering bath and body treats. Filled with Essential Oils that can be beneficial for aiding anxiety, naturally calming, soothing and de-stressing - treats to give you a little bit of time out when needed. The power and benefit of Essential Oils has been documented for thousands of years. Natural remedies at their best!

Gift Set contains:
Clear Head Pulse Point Balm - Lime & Lemongrass Oils
De-Stress and Soak Himalayan Bath Salts - a single serving of bath salts scented with Lemon & Sandalwood Oils.
De-Stress & Steam Facial Steamer - A traditional Aromatherapy facial steam treatment scented with Lemon & Sandalwood Oils.
Self Be-leaf Gift Size Solid Moisturiser - Lime & Lemongrass Oils
Time Out Fizzing Bath Dust - Lemon & Sandalwood Oil. Bath dust is essentially a deconstructed bath bomb, a bath bomb which hasn't been shaped

Please note some of the above products contain beeswax so are not vegan friendly.

The gift set contains full instructions on each product and how to use it. And a little pack of sweeties as an extra treat!

Part of our letterbox gift range, gift sets designed to be posted.

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