Stained Glass Birthstone Angel


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Stained Glass Birthstone Angel

These handmade stained glass Birthstone Angels are the perfect, meaningful gift for a friend or loved one. A personal present that lets the recipient know how much you value them.

They are packaged in a kraft box which includes a small suction hook and a small birthstone card. The suction hook turns the angel into a beautiful window hanging decoration. The small card included with every angel details the common qualities of a person born on that particular month.

Small Cards Read:

January (Garnet) - People born in January are ambitious, stubborn and loyal. They are natural leaders and are very romantic.

February (Amethyst) - People born in February are witty, intelligent and outgoing. They are often very creative and inventive.

March (Aquamarine) - People born in March are kind and trustworthy. They are often very funny and cheerful.

April (Diamond) - People born in April are friendly and adventurous. They are often clever and make great negotiators.

May (Emerald) - People born in May are independent and sometimes secretive. They love attention and entertaining those around them.

June (Pearl) - People born in June are friendly and talkative. They are often very generous to others and have great sense of style.

July (Ruby) - People born in July are very loving and caring. Whilst they love to have fun, they are also deep thinkers.

August (Peridot) - People born in August are brave and faithful. They are also ambitious and dedicated to their goals.

September (Sapphire) - People born in September are often wise beyond their years. They are fiercely loyal.

October (Opal) - People born in October are dedicated and honest leaders. They get on well with everyone, but are quite independent.

November (Yellow Topaz) - People born in November are hopefully romantic. They are curious and intuitive learners.

December (Blue Zircon) - People born in December are outgoing and generous. They have vibrant personalities, but can be impatient.

Every Angel is made by hand so there will be slight variations between each one - we think this makes them even more special! Every effort is made to replicate products but each one is unique in it’s own little way.

Handcrafted in Yorkshire using artisan materials.


January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

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