Reusable Sandwich Bag


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Reusable Sandwich Bag

These reusable sandwich bags are an easy alternative to single-use plastic sandwich bags and a great way to reduce waste. They were originally made to make up for Helen's lack of organisational skills. Even though her girls have reusable sandwich boxes there are occasions when they are left at school or only dug out of bags dirty in the morning. She was finding she was reaching for the plastic sandwich bags way too often! What she needed was an alternative that could be used in the same way but bunged in the washing machine and reused guilt-free afterwards.

They also take up a lot less room in your bag or backpack. Once you've finished your sandwich, they can be easily folded away rather than carrying around a bulky lunchbox.

Each bags is made of a 100% cotton outer and lined with eco-friendly waterproof ProSoft® polyurethane (PUL). ProSoft® (PUL) is very versatile and long-lasting with a life-cycle of 300+ washings. It is 100% CPSIA compliant and Food Safe tested. It ensures that anything damp or squidgy remains in the bag!

- Machine washable up to 30 degrees
- Approx 24cm by 24cm (9.5" by 9.5")
- 100% cotton bag with waterproof polyurethane lining

*Please note the exact colour of the fabric may differ slightly to how it appears on your screen.


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