Reindeer Wildflower Seedbomb


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Reindeer Wildflower Seedbomb

Lovely little Christmas themed Reindeer Seedbomb! A perfect stocking filler for an avid gardener.

Each seedbomb is made with recycled paper and a variety of (not invasive, mostly native) wildflower seeds which are sourced from UK suppliers and will grow into beautiful bee and butterfly friendly flowers. The seed mix contains a variety of 60+ different seeds.

The variety of seeds ensures you will have seeds that will germinate in your soil, e.g. clay, sandy etc. Some flowers will only grow in sandy soil, others in clay soil etc. The variety included makes that possible.

The recycled and compostable paper will store water for longer, meaning the seeds will have a wet surrounding for longer. It will also stop birds from picking the seeds.

The seedbombs should be planted shallow in the soil, in a full sun spot, watered plenty at first and then kept moist. You can even plant them into a flower pot, please make sure you repot them into a bigger pot as they grow to give them plenty of space to continue growing.

Best planted after the last frost of the year, around March/April until September (for the flowers to blossom in the following Spring).

The seeds in the seedbombs live. Although most of the seeds should be planted within 10-12 months, the sooner you plant them, the better results you get.

- Size of the seedbomb: 4x5cm

Please note: shades of the specific colour might vary

Do not consume as some of the seeds might be toxic!
Not suitable for children under 3 years old as some of the seeds might be toxic and the seedbombs could also be a choking hazard. Adult supervision is recommended at all times when planting them with children.

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