Pick n Mix Wax Melts



This is your chance to try a mix of Ethel & Co Wax Melts!

We are offering a Pick n Mix Wax Melt service – you are able to choose from a range of shapes and scents of wax melts to make up a bag of 10 melts in total.

Scents & Shapes to choose from are as follows:

Coastal (Shell Shaped)

Magnolia & Jasmine (Heart Shaped)

Oriental Garden (Heart Shaped)

Tropical Breeze (Shell Shaped)

Wash Day (Heart Shaped)

Mix and match your scents to make a total of 10 Wax Melts!

More shapes and scents will be added to our Pick n Mix Station in the future!

Please add to the notes section the mix and quantity of each scent of wax melts you’d like to pick (Must add up to 10)