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Map of Derbyshire Tea Towel


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Map of Derbyshire Teal Towel

This map of Derbyshire is a unique piece of artwork!

The major towns and cities are included together with principle facts and history relating to each place. Whether it’s a major battle, a place of historical significance or the birthplace of a celebrity or culinary marvel. The design also feature the names of all the principle landmarks and tourist destinations, as well as the major rivers. The places are as close as possible.

Our beautiful Ashbourne has been highlighted in red so it standouts out on the map.

The map has been created in calligraphy - a fun and informative gift!

The design has been screen printed in the UK onto half panama cotton, making a wonderfully thick and really absorbent tea towel.

The original design has been hand drawn and hand written in calligraphy. A round hand italic type design has be used so it's easy to read. The design has then be digitised and professionally screen printed and sewn.

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