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Handmade Soap Gift Set Peak District Collection


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Handmade Soap Gift Set Peak District Collection

Inspired, Designed and Handmade in the Peak District - Wild Olive take their inspiration from nature and this soap gift set reflects the local plants and ambience of the Peak District.

Each miniature soap has been made by hand in Derbyshire using traditional methods and local packaging.

Essential oils are used in generous portions to naturally fragrance the soaps and introduce valuable resources for the skin to enhance general wellbeing.

  • Made using natural ingredients - these soaps don't contain SLS, parabens or harsh chemicals.
  • Vegan Friendly, plant based ingredients
  • Locally sourced, recycled and recyclable gift box

Miniature Soap Scents included in this Gift Set:

Pure essential oil and lavender seeds for gentle exfoliation

Rosemary & Mint
Pure essential oil of peppermint and rosemary with dried herbs for exfoliation

Wild Strawberry
A rich fruity fragrance reminiscent of fresh picked strawberries with seeds for exfoliation

Sweet Vanilla
Vanilla fragrance with oats for the scrub

Herb Garden
Citrus essential oils and eucalyptus with dried herbs for exfoliation

Rose Geranium
A gentle soap with oil of pure geranium

Tuberose & Jasmine

Lemon & Chamomile
Citrus essential oils and chamomile flowers for a zesty anti-bacterial soap

Essential oils of orange and mandarin for a sweet selling smooth soap

Gift Box Size: 12.5cm x 12.5cm
Gift Set Contains 9 Soaps with a total weight of 225g

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