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100% Cotton Crocheted Soap Bag


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100% Cotton Crocheted Soap Bag

This handmade soap bag is ideal for making your soap last longer, keeping it clean, dry and slime free. You'll never need another soap dish cluttering the bathroom! It has been designed to make your transition from plastic shower gel bottles to a bar of soap easier!

You can also use the soap saver bag to use up all of those odd bits of soap that are too small to hold - just pop them in the bag.

To use: Place your bar of soap inside the bag, secure with the drawstring and place under running water. The friction created by rubbing the cotton bag against the bar helps create a lovely rich lather, while the textured material is beautifully exfoliating against your skin. Hang up until your next shower, and the bag will keep your bar safe and dry for next time.

Handcrafted using 100% cotton yarn

They are fully machine washable, pop in your washing machine at 60°. Whilst it's still damp, reshape and dry flat.

Comprehensive instructions are supplied with the product so you know exactly how to use and care for it.

Available in six colours: Beige, Blue, Green, Grey, Pink and Purple. Please note the shade of the colour may differ to that shown in the photos as the exact colour of the yarn changes regularly.

Size: 11cm x 8cm (it will fit a standard bar of soap). Please allow a small margin of error as each item is handmade.

Your soap bag is 100% plastic free. Packaged with a simple kraft paper band which can be recycled.

Each soap bag has been hand crocheted in Derbyshire. We recommend using with one of our handmade soaps.

Pair a handmade soap bag and soap for a useful, plastic free gift for under £15!


Beige, Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, Purple

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