Gingerbread Guy Solid Moisturiser


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Gingerbread Guy Solid Moisturiser

A Gingerbread Guy Solid Moisturiser Bar is an all natural Aromatherapy treatment to soften and smooth skin. Use daily as part of your beauty regime. Full of Cinnamon, Ginger and Sweet Orange Essential Oils, this bar is the essence of the festive season and is great for all skin types be they sensitive, dry or more mature skins. And look how cute and happy he is!

At this time of year this Moisturiser is particularly helpful with the changes in the weather and putting the heating on, all of which can dry out your skin. The Essential Oils contained within can also aid skin complaints such as dry winter skin. They can also boost circulation and aid in muscular aches and pains.

Apply directly to dry skin by rubbing the bar onto your skin to activate the Oils. Once you feel it start to soften and melt put the bar back in its box and massage the melted Oils onto your skin for instant soothing - a luxury, pampering treat that won't break the bank! Containing no preservatives as it is in solid form this bar is also long lasting as a little goes a long way.

This balm contains Beeswax which means it isn't currently Vegan friendly.

Approx 40g single bar sealed in a biodegradable glassine bag and recyclable gift box which should be used to store the balm while not in use. This is a zero waste product as you use it all up!

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