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Cat Lovers Pencils


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Cat Lovers Pencils

Cat themed stationary? What's not to love! These hand foiled, unique pencils make the perfect gift for cat lovers.

Printed with the phrases:

  • Life Is Better With A Cat (Black with White Print)
  • I Love My Cat (Natural with Black Print)
  • I'm Thinking About My Cat (Orange with White Print)
  • All You Need Is Love and Cats (White with Black Print)

Available to order as individual pencils or as a gift set of four pencils (one of each design) which is presented in a black gift box.

Perfect gift set of 4 pencils for a cat lover.

The colours of the pencils have been specifically chosen to resemble to fur colours of our feline friends.

Each pencil has a 2B graphite lead and really good rubber that doesn’t leave dodgy marks.  They are printed in small batches here in the UK on a hot foil machine.


Life Is Better With A Cat, I Love My Cat, I'm Thinking About My Cat, All You Need Is Love and Cats, Gift Set (One of Each Design)

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Let Me Know When It's Back