DIY Natural, Plastic Free Sheet Masks


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What are Eco-Masks?

Eco-masks are plastic free, natural, compostable sheet face masks that allow you to treat your skin without compromising the environment.

They're great for people with sensitive skin, those who want to stop using chemicals and even kids!

All you need to do is add 10ml of liquid (most of which you may have in your cupboard) such as tea, milk, lemon juice, tea tree, aloe vera, lavender oil, green tea, coconut milk, oat milk etc.).

You can even use more specialist items such as hyaluronic acid (from health food/beauty stores) or kombucha to nourish your face.

Treat your skin, cut the chemicals, save the planet.

Each pack comes with 10 compressed masks ready to be popped into a nourishing liquid of your choice. The masks themselves are made from bamboo and cotton fibres so are fully biodegradable.

To use - simply add the compressed mask into 10 - 15ml of liquid, watch it expand, unfurl and apply to your face for 10 - 30 minutes (and relax).

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