Clear Head Pulse Point Balm


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This is a Clear Head Pulse Point Balm- as the name suggests, use this all natural Aromatherapy treatment balm when you need to concentrate, have a long day, meetings, exams, headaches or just feel woolly headed. The Lemongrass and Lime Essential Oils are beneficial to aid concentration and clear your mind (we sometimes feel it's needed by the bucket load!)

Apply to your temples and wrists as often as needed for a boost of mental clarity and clearness.

It's also great on jet lag and hangovers!

This balm contains Beeswax which means it isn't currently Vegan friendly.

Pulse Point Balms are a 5g serving in a cute little metal pot with a screw tight lid. Meaning they can safely be carried around in a purse or pocket for instant application and relief.

Currently out of stock! You are able to pre-order now with more stock expected to arrive in the next 2-3 weeks. Please note your order will posted out once everything is available so please expected delays if ordering other items too.