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Mindfulness Beeswax Candles Set


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Mindfulness Beeswax Candles Set

Light a candle and enter a period of deep restoration with mindfulness, breathing and meditation.

Each gift box contains 12 pure beeswax candles with a ceramic holder.

These Twenty Minute Candles aim to put undistracted, quality, restorative time back into your life. Each handmade candle is designed to help you designate twenty minutes a day to relax and unwind. 

100% non-drip pure beeswax, each candle burn cleanly with a gentle honey aroma for at least twenty minutes.

Beeswax is the oldest material used for candles. Beeswax candles have even been found in the pyramids of ancient Egypt. An all-natural, non-toxic substance secreted by bees after they visit flowers and consume honey. It is used to make honeycombs and when they are harvested, make for great candles.

Beeswax has the lowest toxicity for candle materials - releasing no toxic byproducts or heavy soot into the air. Instead of adding pollutants, beeswax candles neutralise them. They release negative ions when burned: eliminating dust, mould and unpleasant odours. This is particularly helpful for those with allergies, asthma and hay fever.

On its own, beeswax has a lot of natural relaxation properties. Its mildly sweet honey scent complements any environment. It is a dripless material by nature, meaning there will be no wastage or mess, making it easier and safer to burn.

Each candle is handmade with only 100% pure beeswax to ensure the highest quality possible. Made using old world manufacturing dipping techniques, Cotton & Grey brings candles in traditional taper shapes. Everything is then finished by hand to make sure each candle is perfect for you.


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