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Botanical Cast Fragrance Diffuser


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Botanical Cast Fragrance Diffuser

A Botanical Cast Fragrance Diffuser is a decorative way to introduce a subtle scent to your home or car.

Ideal for use in small spaces such as :

Capturing the unique beauty of British Botanicals - each plaster cast is handmade using real plants and flowers, which have been carefully imprinted into the soft clay. This is then used to produce a casting in sculptural plaster, preserving the intricate detail of each beautiful stem.

Every piece is individually cast by hand and will have subtle differences - making yours unique to you!

Each diffuser is individually boxed making it a lovely gift for a friend or loved one.  Supplied with jute twine ready for hanging.

We have a lovely range of botanicals and fragrance oils to choose from. Please select your preferences from the dropdown lists.

How To Use:

Simply place a few drops of the fragrance oil onto the back of the Plaster Diffuser and allow it to absorb the scent. Then simply hang it in your desired space and enjoy the delicate fragrance. Once the fragrance has faded, you can simply repeat the process.

A small amount of the concentrated oil goes a long way so you will have many weeks of your lovely fragrance.


Botanical Design

Acorns, Agapanthus, Bluebells, Cow Parsley, Daffodil, Daisies & Fennel, Daisies (Six Stems), Fern Fronds, Fuchsia, Lily of the Valley, Little Bee, Pine, Snowdrops, Thistle

Fragrance Oil

Cassis & Fig, Dawn Fresh, Garden Pear & Freesia, Lemon & Lavender, Passionfruit Twist, Rhubarb & Rose, Woodsage & Sea Salt

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