Maker of the Month – February 2019

This year we have lots of new and exciting things in the pipeline! One of our missions is for you to get to know each Designer, Maker and Crafter within our shop.

This month, marks the launch of our Maker of the Month and we have decided to feature Sarah Shelley Art as our first. Sarah first joined Handmade Design in October 2018 and her Pictures and Tea Towels have already proven popular – with her striking Bee Design being the best seller!

Sarah draws and paints as a form of escapism and relaxation (she often paints at night when the kids are in bed so it has also stopped her reaching for the chocolates and G&T – a healthy distraction!). Art is very much a therapy for her and a way to unwind.

Sarah has new ideas popping into her head all the time and feels restless until the image in her mind is down on paper.

Sarah’s passion for art developed at a very early age and at Primary School, Sarah refused to read and would just sit and draw!

She has an Art Foundation, degree in Interior Architecture and Design and spent seven years working in the industry.

Sarah later decided to train as a Secondary School Teacher – her pupils would say ‘Miss you’re like a real Artist’ and Sarah started to believe them. Having children of her own too, Sarah wanted to teach them to have patience, confidence and to see an idea through to the end. Sarah plans to return to teaching when her children start school so that she can share her work and achievements with her students.

Fine-liners play a big part in bringing her work to life – especially with the animals as it’s when they start to develop their own character. Sarah’s favourite work has lots of linework and detail so you notice something new each time you look back at it. She uses watercolours, inks and pen to create her pieces.

Sarah’s art is born out of doing something she loves and the idea that others love her work too is an incredible feeling for her!