Maker of the Month – November 2019

A few days into November – sorry we are slightly later than normal posting this! October was a great month – autumn vibes, Halloween and now Christmas has started to creep in! This month, will we be introducing you to Sophie from Duck & Peach Illustration.

Sophie first began stocking with Handmade Design when it first open in 2015! At that time, Sophie was just starting out, so it was a big step to begin selling her work in a real shop! From Day 1, Sophie has displayed her work on a grey tea trolley… something she has become very attached to over the years.

Sophie first began dreaming of setting up her own business back in 2012 when she became a Mum. She realised that her previous freelance career in the Television industry was not going to be an option for her in the future as it would make childcare very difficult. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do, until one day when she was reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar to her daughter and then thought… ‘That’s it – I want to become an Illustrator!’

She started drawing, painting and sewing. Then in 2014, Sophie did a one year Master’s Degree in Visual Communication at The University of Derby. After graduating in January 2015, Duck and Peach Illustration was born in May 2015.

Sophie hasn’t always lived in Derbyshire, she’s actually from Scotland. When she moved here, ‘Ay Up Me Duck’ had an unusual quirkiness about it that she liked – this is where the Duck part of Duck & Peach comes from! Peach is a nickname that has always been given to her daughter – the Peach part of Duck and Peach! At the time of setting up Duck & Peach, Sophie was sleep deprived and over-worked. Being a single mum to a one year old and also doing a full time MA, she felt that Duck and Peach had an amusing irony about it! Sophie has often thought about changing the name of her business but she loves that it is a name that will stick in your mind!

There are lots of future plans on the horizon for Sophie – she is planning on creating new designs of greeting cards and art prints as well as introducing new products to her range.

Sophie has also recently started training as a Tattoo Artist with Jodie Bambi Tattoos, at Banks Mill Studios in Derby. Jodie has the same Master’s Degree as Sophie, which she also studied for at the University of Derby. She loves her artwork and studio and feels she is very lucky to have the chance to learn from her!

The dream of illustrating a children’s book is still something that Sophie is planning to do as this is the idea that her business her grown from.