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This month, we were filmed again as part of BBC's Money for Nothing! We absolutely love the program so it's such a honour to be able to be part of it occasionally.

If you aren't familiar with the show, Sarah Moore (Presenter and UK Artisan), partners with small, creative businesses from all over the UK to create one off pieces. Everything is made from items that were destined for landfill - instead they are transformed into unique, saleable pieces. The creations are then sold to independent shops, restaurants and businesses as well as to private buyers.

As part of the show, we purchased four Terrariums. We couldn't resist snapping these up - with their countryside feel, they are a great fit to our shop! The terrariums are so unique, it's no wonder one was sold on the first day they arrived in the shop.  They were created by the presenter, Sarah Moore.

The episode we are featured in will be aired at some point during Spring 2022.  We will let you know on social media when it's on!

The terrariums are £25 each (excluding postage). If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact us on

Let Me Know When It's Back