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Would you make the switch from single use cotton wool to reusable scrubbies?

In a bid to become more environmentally friendly, lots of us are looking for easy, everyday switches we can make - from single use to reusable.

Cotton Wool is a staple products in most homes. It's something we use everyday but do we actually need to use it?

Single Use Cotton Wool versus Reusable Scrubbies

Cotton Wool is a single-use product that is thrown in the bin minutes after being used.

And did you know it's not recyclable in the UK?

In some instances, cotton wool pads can be composted with your kitchen waste but this can only be done if the cotton wool is made from 100% cotton. It also cannot have been used to remove make-up or with chemicals as these will contaminate your compost heap.

Cotton Wool is also often blended with synthetic fibres so that they hold their shape and to make them softer. By adding these fibres, it means they are unlikely to decompose.

So could you make the switch?

Our Reusable Scrubbies are a super easy switch you can make from cotton wool! They work perfectly for removing your make-up off as well as with your normal cleanser and toner. They are handmade using 100% cotton. Scrubbies are fully machine washable meaning they can be reused time and time again.

The initial cost of switching to reusables can often work out more expensive than buying the single use equivalent but they are a long term solution that you won't need to keep replacing.

It’s a small and relatively easy adjustment we can all make to our daily routine!

Will you be making the switch?

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