I've been asked a lot over the last few years why it's so important to shop locally. There are so many benefits to shopping locally but these are the reasons that are the most important to me.

Reasons to Shop Local

Supports Your Local Economy

By spending money in your local area, the money stays in your local area. Local Business Owners are invested in the area so will naturally spend their money there - whether this be professionally or personally. They will use local services, employ local people and many of us also source local products. This could be your local cafe sourcing their fruit and vegetables from a local green groceries, your local pub selling locally made ale or your local gift shop stocking local Artists.

Environmentally Friendly

Shopping locally is more environmentally friendly as you are more likely to walk or cycle to go there. This helps to reduce air pollution and traffic. Also as local shops are more likely to source local produce, this helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Personal Shopping Experience

A personal shopping experience is one of my favourite reasons to shop locally. It's also one of my favourite things about running shop... When shopping locally, you're able to get another level a customer service - access to thier expertise, product recommendations, tips and advice as well as backstories on the business and products.

There is also something very comforting about shopping with a familiar face and being able to have a friendly conversation.

It is also worth remembering that local shops stock an inventory based on their own customer’s like rather than national fashion trends. This is so you can find what you want rather than finding what they want to sell you.

Builds A Vibrant Community

Local businesses help to form a thriving and vibrant area - they add character to a town when you walk by them. A high street filled with unique, colourful shops will attract more tourism and will help to make the community a more popular and financially stable place to live and work in.

Local Shops I Shop In:

I like to practice what I preach and shop in the local area! Here are some of my favourite places to shop in Ashbourne:

Ashbourne Bakehouse - I am obsessed with their pastries. Love treating myself to one on a Saturday morning before a busy day in the shop.

Beaumonts - A new cafe to Ashbourne but I'm already obsessed with their homemade pizzas!

Chic - I rarely leave here without buying something! I've brought some really cute jumpers from here and they are great at helping me pick out what will suit me size and shape.

House of Beer - I holidayed in Belgium several years ago and fell in love with their beer. I love stocking up on my favourites here.

Optimum - I've been some lovely gift from Chloe - she's even ordered certain length necklace chains or designs in for me.

The Little Shed - Another new cafe to town but can't help treating myself a a brownie... or two!

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