What is the Difference between an Original, a Giclée Print

and an Art Print?

The basics are that an original piece of artwork is the first the artist created - where the pen (or paintbrush!) touch the paper. A print is a copy taken from an original.

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An original piece has been created by the artist. This could be using oil, acrylic, watercolour, pen and lots more. They're truly unique and a one-off piece of art.

Art Prints

An art print is a printed reproduction of an original. Art prints can be printed using a variety of different printing methods and on a range of different print materials. They can be produced an infinite number of times unless they are limited edition. Limited edition prints will only have a certain number of prints produced and once they are sold, there won't be anymore available.

An art print is printed using a four colour method - Cyan, magenta, yellow and black are mixed in the form of tiny dots to build your artwork.

Giclée Prints

"The word Giclée was adopted by Jack Duganne around 1990. It refers to the technical way in which these types of artwork are printed."

A Giclée Print is a type of art print – it is typically a higher quality print than a standard Art Print. To be classed as a Giclée Print it has to meet very specific characteristics.

Giclée prints use a different type of printer to art prints. This printer has 12 colours so they can be matched to original artwork or photography colours exactly, with no loss of vibrancy.

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